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Kokedama Design (18 and over only)




2 hours

About the Course

** Adults only (18 and over event). Guests under 18 years old and without a ticket are not admitted. No refunds, so please plan ahead**

- See for workshops ages 18 years and under.

KOKEDAMA is an ancient Japanese art created over 1000 years ago that means "ball of moss". This technique recreates a unique habitat where nature and art blend intimately, promoting health and relaxation. It is a tradition in Japanese gardening that wraps a plant's root ball in moss for it to be hung or mounted on a pedestal. Kokedamas look beautiful with orchids, bromeliads, succulents, Asian plants, herbs & vines.

Items included: 6″ Kokedama, Twine, Soil, & Mosses!

This is an interactive class. You will enjoy viewing Kokedama mood boards for inspiration, building a beautiful Kokedama design of your choice, and leaving with a new design element for your home or office to enjoy for years to come!


* No outside food or drinks

* Light drinks and snack provided

* 18 years old and over only. For youth classes, please visit our calendar on

* Only those with a reserved spot in the class will be permitted. No guests.

Your Instructor

Jean'na - Owner

Jean'na - Owner

Jean'na is the Owner of The Artisan Greenhouse. She brings over 20 years of experience as a Horticulturist and holds a Master of Science in Agricultural Education.

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